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15 Easy “B” Words for Preschoolers

15 Easy “B” Words for Preschoolers

The letter ‘B’, with its strong and unmistakable ‘buh’ sound, stands out as the first consonant of the alphabet. Assuming that you’re teaching your child the alphabet in order, ‘B’ words are much less complicated than words starting with the letter ‘A’ since ‘B’ only has the one sound.

The letter B makes a voiced bilabial stop sound, which is represented as /b/ in phonetic transcription. This sound is produced by pressing both lips together and then releasing them while voicing. But making the sound isn’t where I think most children struggle with the letter ‘B’. The hard part is differentiating between the lowercase ‘b’ and the lowercase letter ‘d’.

In this post, you’ll find a list of words that begin with the letter ‘B’ and some activities to strengthen your child’s recognition of both the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter.

B is for …

  1. Ball
  2. Book
  3. Bear
  4. Boat
  5. Blue
  6. Bag
  7. Banana
  8. Bat
  9. Bed
  10. Bell
  11. Bird
  12. Bubble
  13. Bake
  14. Bunny
  15. Button

While some of these words I would consider to be sight words, others are just to practice making the sound. I don’t expect my son to be able to recognize the silent ‘e’ or double consonant sounds just yet. But words like ‘bed’ and ‘bird’ are great for getting to start spotting the difference between the ‘b’ and ‘d’ sounds.

Engaging Activities with ‘B’ Words

As I’ve said before, engaging my preschooler in playful learning experiences has really enhanced his literacy skills. Matching games, Word of the Day flash cards, Letter blocks, and just about any kind of game that gets him moving makes learning both fun and easy for him.

But on the days when indoor play is a must, I have found that printable activities can be a life saver! Below I have a set of printable activities that you are welcome to download and use if you with your little one.

Here are a few ‘B’ inspired games to keep your preschooler both learning and having fun. Just make sure they are not the type to put small pieces in their mouths.

  • Bingo
  • Boggle (mostly for the letter recognition)
  • Bananagrams (also for letter recognition)
  • Keepy-Uppy with a Balloon (also known as Don’t Let It Touch the Ground for the non-Bluey fans.)

Pretty much anything to do with a balloon is enough to keep my son entertained. I hope you found value in this post. If you have any additional thoughts or ideas on teaching the letter ‘B’ to your homeschool preschooler, leave a comment below.

Happy homeschooling!