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10+ Sight Words That Start With the Letter “A” For Toddlers

10+ Sight Words That Start With the Letter “A” For Toddlers

Remember when you played Boggle as a kid? Do you remember always spotting the easy 2-3 letter words first. That’s because those were sight words! And likely the first words you ever learned to recognize. Below is a list of 10+ sight words that start with the letter “A” that you can use to begin helping your little one recognize their first words.

A is for…

  1. At
  2. Arm
  3. Axe
  4. Air
  5. Ant
  6. Art
  7. Ask
  8. Ash
  9. Arch
  10. Ark
  11. Ape
  12. Add
  13. Apple

The best part about these smaller sight words is that they often make up the building blocks of larger words. I’ve started noticing my son picking the word “at” out of words like “hat” and “cat” when we read books. And it is so wild how quickly he’s learned to add the extra sound to make a new word.

Teaching sight words to your toddler is an excellent way to help them develop their literacy skills early on. The 10+ words in the above list are just a few words that I’ve noticed my toddler has had an easier time picking up. If you’re looking for more ways to get these words in front of your child, download the free printable coloring & tracing worksheets shown below.

activity worksheets for things that start with A

Crafts & Activities

I try to always teach these words in a fun and interactive way, like with games, crafts, or puzzles. For instance:

  • Word of the Day – I keep a pack of flashcards with simple, no more than 3 letter words and each morning he tries to sound out the word and guess what it is. He loves it!
  • The Floor Is Lava Trivia – Ok, this one is a bit unorthodox but what can I say? My son loves jumping on the furniture, so I turned that into a learning opportunity. I give him a word and I sound it out for him, but he has to spell it (provide the letters) correctly in order to jump to the next pillow.
  • Puzzles – I got him a cute set of puzzles from Target that have a picture and the letters. The puzzles range from 2pcs – 4pcs. He enjoys them and after doing them repeatedly, he’s picked up on spelling.

You know, after writing this, maybe I’ll give Boggle a shot with him too. I hope you got value from this list. Happy teaching! And don’t forget to praise your toddler for their efforts, no matter how small they are.